Best Electronic Mouse Traps

Mice are a big problem for any household. In order to get rid of this problem, you would have to find an effective solution. Sometimes, the old solutions prove to be inefficient, and only the technologic process is capable of helping you. By finding the best electronic rat trap, you will guarantee the success of your battle against rodents.

Pests are capable of interfering with our lives in a negative way. An infestation is a serious reason for concern. Don’t let the situation slip out of your control! The technological progress is offering us new ways of combating the annoying mouse and rats.

Today you have many options to select from. However, not all of them are able to suit your necessities. We have prepared a list of products that will help you in your fight with pests.

So, what are the best electric traps in 2019?

Our list of the best products is:

Rat Zapper – perfect for capturing large creatures

Rats can be very dangerous for any household. Damaged wires, holes, scratches, and sounds – all this can be very disturbing. Rat Zapper has a perfect solution to this problem. It is possible to exterminate up to 60 rodents with only a set of batteries. The system is configured to send a high voltage shock for 2 minutes straight. Equipped with a big compartment, it ensures that even the bigger specimen is locked in properly. The kill chamber is emptied without the necessity to touch anything inside. Keep it out of children or pet reach.


  • Reliable and durable;
  • Big chamber;
  • An indicator that shows when it is time to clear the device.


  • Very careful use around young family members and pets.

Victor Mouse Trap – efficient fight against mice

Mice can quickly adapt to any conditions and they multiply really fast. Don’t let this happen with the assistance of Victor Mouse Trap. An electric shock discharge guarantees quick results. Just set the device in the location of major pest activity and wait for the effect to take place. This device is equipped with a tunnel system that protects pets and children. The smart system inside is very sensitive and will get activated as soon as the rodent gets inside. You won’t have to put your hands on anything when cleaning the trap.


  • Up to 100 exterminations on a single pack of cells;
  • Smart technology that senses the mouse entering the trap;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • A convenient indicator.


  • It is not designed for rats.

Rat Zapper Classic – convenient and reasonably priced

Traps of the previous generation can’t boast with a high percentage of kills, unlike these smart devices. This model uses a smart system that allows for an instant kill. The red glow indicates that the compartment needs to be cleared. You need to be careful when using it around your family members or pets. Locate the device next to walls where they usually have paths. Clear the box by simply tilting it into the trash can.


  • A convenient indicator;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Removal with no need to touch anything;
  • A large kill chamber.


  • Isn’t designed for outdoor use.

Radicator Electric Trap – a revolutionary design

Dealing with rats is always an issue, but with this device, the situation turns in your favor. The spacious compartment allows catching even the bigger rats. Equipped with infrared technology, it quickly detects the animal and sends a potent electric shock. The maintenance doesn’t present any difficulties. Just tilt the compartment and the contents will slide directly into the waste box. The number of kills can reach up to 100 with one pack of cells.


  • Environmentally-friendly;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Revolutionary infrared technology;
  • Extended battery life.


  • Not for outdoor use.

Getting rid of any types of pests is not easy, but thanks to modern technological achievements, this becomes less of a task.

How do Electronic Traps Work?

There is a big difference between traditional traps and those that use electricity. They don’t have any springs inside and the chances of success are usually 100%. An electric shock that’s powerful enough is sent through the circuit when the sensitive mechanism is activated. It is considered a humane method because the rodent doesn’t have to suffer.

This is basically a small box accessible only to small animals like mice or rats. Other animals will be unable to access it. These devices are reusable and require little maintenance.

Using the old snap traps can be quite bothersome. You run into risks of injuring your fingers, especially when they are all around your house, and you can’t remember their exact location. Cleaning up also becomes an issue, especially when there have been several days since the rodent got “snapped”.

This is why it would be a logical solution to choose a battery operated device. Even though it is more expensive, their benefits are worth it. There are many companies engaged in the production of such devices, and there are many types of them. The electronic rat trap reviews may help you identify the best on the market option for you.

What Are the Peculiarities of electric mouse traps?

This device represents a small box where you can place bait. It is capable of sending an electric shock powerful enough to kill a rodent. This takes about five seconds. The trap is activated when the intruder gets inside the box.

These useful gadgets are typically designed to let in only animals of a rat or mouse size. This means that no other pets will be capable of getting in unless you have a hamster. It is a safety measure that protects all your family from an unpleasant shock.

Additionally, the majority of the best electric mouse traps available are working on batteries. These are capable of providing anywhere from 10 to 100 electric shocks. There would definitely be no use in placing a trap that doesn’t function. Make sure to read how long your device is going to last. The best outdoor electronic rat trap will deliver great results until its batteries run out of energy.

These devices are using additional safety measures during their “standby” mode. This way you won’t be electrocuted when cleaning it or adding new bait. The system implemented in this traps is considered to be humane, efficient and clean.

How to choose the most effective bait?

It is a well-known fact that rodents quickly adapt to new conditions. They are smart and are fast to react to any changes in their habitat. The appearance of new items, in our case of electric mouse traps, would probably be treated with suspicion. They tend to stay away from objects of unknown purpose. In addition to their possibility to adapt, they are able to come to logical conclusions. Seeing how one of their own goes into a box and never comes back, may make them keep away for a long time.

The bait itself is important, but there’s something you need to think of first. You need to let them get used to the new object and allow them to enter it safely. Set it in the place where you observed an accumulation of their feces. In two or three days you can start adding bait to attract them in and turn the machine on. This doesn’t take a lot of time and the effects will be more visible as a result.

Rodents can’t be lured in with bait that doesn’t smell good because it’s old or rotten. They are picky animals and something like that would only scare them away. Also, you need to experiment with baiting and try different types of food. Try cheese, seeds, dried fruit, and peanut butter.

Main Advantages of Electrical Mouse Traps

With poisons, it is very difficult to guarantee the safety of your family and pets. You have to be extremely careful even with snap traps. All these means can lead to unpleasant consequences. The electronic rodent traps have none of that. You can get rid of a rat invasion without the necessity of covering your house with all kinds of insecticides.

Also, you don’t have to kill a rat by yourself. Glue traps, for example, don’t allow the rodent to escape, but their death is painful and it takes quite a while. With an electric mouse killer, you won’t have to worry about this. It is really a humane method. Cleaning it up won’t require you touching the animal. It is fast and easy.

Even snap traps have their flaws. If the creature is too tiny, the mechanism may simply not get triggered. With a zapper mousetrap, you won’t experience a similar issue.

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