Best No-Kill Mouse Traps

Mice and rats have always been very dangerous for every household. They represent a problem that has to be solved very quickly. It is no use waiting for it to disappear by itself. Once rodents get into your house and don’t encounter any problems with moving around freely, they will only multiply and thrive in these perfect conditions. Getting rid of them is important, but you need to remember that these are still living creatures. By choosing the best humane mouse traps, you will be able to get rid of the rodents that are bothering you in no time. As always, any kind of traps that you can think of is for sale.

What are the best no-kill traps in 2019?

Luckily, we have prepared a list of useful devices that have no serious drawbacks. These are:

1. CaptSure Humane Mouse Trap
2. Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap
3. Havahart One-Door Trap
4. Catcha Humane Mouse Trap
5. Faicuk Rodent Trap

CaptSure Humane Mouse Trap

This is a safe and humane method of dealing with a pest infestation. You don’t need to be an expert in order to install this device at your house. Simply place the bait inside the compartment and open the door that is activated by a spring. From that moment you will have to wait until Captsure makes its job. The animal will be completely safe inside the plastic waterproof box. Your next step is to take the mouse that’s trapped inside the compartment to a distant place (a forest for example) and release it. Your fingers are completely safe from injuries when placing the peanut butter inside.


  • It is not dangerous for family members or pets;
  • Can be easily washed;
  • Doesn’t require special knowledge for use;


  • Can be too small for bigger mice.

Victor Mouse Trap – a smart design for everyday use

Did you know that mice are smart? Well, the requirements for their traps are also pretty high. Creative thinking is necessary to catch this little creature safely. With Victor traps for mice, you can rest assured. This one lets you catch more than one specimen from one installation. Just place the peanut butter inside the compartment and wait for positive results. After the work is done, you can take the trap outside and release the animals into the wild. A simple construction, yet a smart approach is what defines this particular model.


  • Doesn’t put other pets in danger;
  • Can hold inside up to 30 mice;
  • No need to touch or see a mouse.


  • Don’t forget about the trap, or mice may attack and kill their own while being trapped.

Havahart Trap – sturdy and reliable

It is impossible to overestimate the ability of mice to escape from any potential danger. A trap has to be capable of withstanding this natural skill. With galvanized steel used in the construction of Havart traps, you can be sure that no rodent will escape. Because the trigger road was placed outside of the cage, there is no way for the mouse to interfere with its work.

This steel cage is big enough to hold inside rodents like squirrels, rats, and weasels. There is only one door, and it locks quickly once the sensitive mechanism is activated. The animal inside won’t get injured because there are no sharp internal edges. It is resistant to water and corrosion.


  • Large enough to capture bigger rodents;
  • Resistant to water;
  • One door with a sensitive and safe mechanism.


  • Requires constant observations to keep the animal alive.

Catcha Mouse Trap – safe and humane

Are you one of those who think that every living creature has to co-exist in peace? A humane trap is necessary to fulfill this wish. Rodents and people’s households are not the best combinations. This is exactly why this battle is still ongoing. A trap made by Catcha guarantees perfect results while being completely harmless for the little animals.

The sturdy plastic is impenetrable. This makes it easy to carry the box around and release the mouse wherever you see fit. You can reuse it an endless amount of times, as long as the mechanism that shuts the door close is intact.


  • Easy to clean;
  • A durable plastic construction;
  • Simple but efficient design.


  • Not spacious enough for bigger rodents

Faicuk Trap – very easy to use

A mouse should not simply move around the house eating your food and causing all kinds of problem. A humane solution will help you get out of this situation. With a Faicuk produced trap, you will catch the pest easily without causing any harm to it. It is very simple to install it, and there’s no need for complex maintenance.

The high-quality steel alloy won’t allow a rodent’s sharp teeth to create an escape passage. You can use any type of bait, like meat, butter, nuts or cheese. Set the trap and let mice get used to it for a few days until you activate it.


  • Easy to use;
  • No maintenance needed;
  • A durable alloy that will hold your catch inside;
  • Won’t take much space thanks to a collapsible design.


  • May not be suitable for catching squirrels.

Every concept has advantages and disadvantages. With a humane trap, you prove that you are not indifferent to all living creatures of our Planet.

Thanks to continuous experiments and technological achievements, we don’t necessarily have to kill rodents in order to keep them away. There are many devices with proven efficiency used in battle with annoying pests.

Humane methods are steadily gaining more popularity. These are usually constructions similar to cages or small houses made of plastic. They are unable to harm the animal, but there are still rules you have to follow if you want this to be efficient.

First of all, you have to take the trap far enough to release the small creature. If you don’t follow the instructions closely, then your battle with pests may take longer than expected.

Rodents are very dangerous because they destroy the crops and interfere greatly with agriculture. They make a mess in your house, and in the past, they were known for carrying diverse pathogens on them. If you don’t want to kill them that’s completely fine. There are solutions for you that will help you avoid any unpleasant consequences for them.

You could actually create a trap by yourself, but it would not be difficult to find no-kill mouse traps that work really well. You can select the best on market options and try them to check their efficiency.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Humane Mouse Traps

The main advantage of this type of traps is obviously the fact that it doesn’t kill them. However, we have to be careful with that notion. If a rodent gets trapped and can’t escape on its own, then it may simply die of starvation, stress or other factors. It is very important to spot immediately when a mouse was caught and make an effort in order to release it.

The constructions are usually made of plastic and don’t incorporate any sharp metal parts. These containers have an efficient mechanism that is triggered when the rodent is inside. The box closes immediately and can be opened only from outside. Even though it has holes for ventilation, you can’t tell how long the mouse will live inside.

The other advantage is its ease of use. You can reuse it over and over again, and the cleaning doesn’t represent a problem. The plastic parts don’t get affected by water.

You may ask why the catch and release mouse trap has to be cleaned because the animal won’t die inside. The thing is that the mouse may leave behind a certain scent or markings that would serve as a sign of warning for other mice. They would simply ignore it afterward. Clean it after each successful use.

Similarly to other devices of this kind, these humane smart mouse traps also have drawbacks. The main one being the fact that you will have to deal with the mouse after it has been caught. If your goal is to keep it alive, then you will have to take it to a place far from home and repeat this process over and over again. If you release it in proximity to your house, then the chances that it will come back are pretty high. The place has to be remote. That is if you don’t want to create any unpleasant surprises for the neighbors living near you.

Types of the most effective mouse trap

It is true that you don’t have to kill the rodents in order to get rid of them. A live catch is possible if you are equipped properly. There are actually many means by which you can achieve that successfully. The most widely used designs are the following:

1. A steel cage with two entrances

Its principle of functioning is really simple. You place the bait in the middle of the cage on a small platform. The mouse has more chances of getting in because there are two entrances. The trap activates when the rodent touches the platform and activates the spring mechanism connected with the doors on both sides. It can be considered the best no-kill mouse trap because of its reliability. This design is safe to use and doesn’t pose any danger to humans. The design is its advantage. The rodent won’t be able to “chew” its way out through doors made of steel.

2. Big plastic container

These big mouse traps have a lot of advantages. Their size doesn’t make them heavy because they are made almost entirely from plastic. The door snaps when the mouse makes its way on top of the platform that activates the spring mechanism. Some of its drawbacks lie in its design. The plastic door is not always a reliable solution and rats may use their sharp teeth to get themselves out. On the other hand, it has holes for ventilation and it has enough space for the rodent to move around and feel safe as much as possible. It usually looks pretty, but for such a “house”, you would have to use strong smelling bait.

3. Simple mice cubes made of plastic

The simple design is what defines these devices. They don’t take a lot of space in the house and are really light. Their principle of work is really simple too. There is just one door and it swings only one way. Once the mouse is trapped inside, it has no chance to escape. You can use it many times and it doesn’t require any special maintenance. You just have to set the bait in the far end of the trap to make sure that the rodent won’t grab it and run away. There is no need for complex manipulations. You just place it and wait for the results. Its main benefit is that it is completely safe for all your family members or pets.

Choosing the best live mouse trap is not very complicated. You have to take into account your needs and decide on what will work best for you. A kill free solution can be very efficient and it is approved by many organizations.

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