Best 4 Rat Poison on the Market – Strongest Solutions

The best rat poisons and bait that will help get rid of rats and mice and are available for purchase online.

Rats are one of the most common pests in both human housing and commercial properties.

One of the best solutions to get rid of rats is rat poison. The main task of the toxin for rats is to destroy the pest with maximum speed and minimum loss for the home or commercial premises.

You can use traps for mice, but poison will be the most effective anyway.

When choosing a suitable product, it is important to understand the answers to several questions:

  • What type of pest: Norwegian rat or not?
  • What will the rats do after taking the poison and where will they go?
  • Are there animals in the house, such as dogs and cats?
  • How and where to properly place the poison?

TOP 3 Rat Poisons to buy online: pellets and blocks

JT Eaton 709-AP

This poison has an apple flavor that attracts both mice and rats. Since this is a first-generation poison, that is, an anticoagulant, rats need to eat it for several days. However, in our experience, the first results are already noticeable the next day after application. That is, you will begin to find dead rats almost immediately after its use.

It differs in that, as a rule, there are no problems with dogs and other pets, even if they eat the substance too.


  • Kills rats in 1-4 days.
  • It can be used if there are dogs in the house.
  • The bait dries rats, that is, there is no smell.


  • Sometimes they complained that some rats did not eat the substance.


JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait

Perfect in terms of price and quality. It contains peanut butter, which attracts rats and mice. Since this is the poison of the first generation, it is most effective if you are faced with the problem of small and medium mice. After use, be sure to ensure that rats will not have access to water and their sources. It has more than 1000 positive reviews on Amazon.

If you have got big rats, then you should pay attention to stronger poisons. One of these we recommend Fasttrac Blox.

It is very important that the product data is authorized for use in the state of California.


  • Allowed to use in Сalifornia
  • Very easy to crush into small pieces.
  • Attracts rodents, you will begin to find them on the next day after application


  • Not enough strong for big rats and mice.


Fasttrac Blox, Fastrac Rodenticide 4lb pail

One of the most effective poisons for rats on the market available for purchase. It is effective even on large rats. It is possible to use both at home and in enterprises.

Kills rats at a time, they do not need to eat poison several times. It is very easy to use both at the station and in the role of a separate bait.


  • Contains bromethalin – very effective substance
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for large rodents
  • Very fast rodent extermination
  • Can be used safely both outdoors and indoors.


  • It may look quite expensive, but, according to users, it’s worth it


In this article, we will tell you about the aspects you need to pay attention to when purchasing mouse poisons. Even though the selection is huge, their efficiency sometimes depends on the situation and the type of rat.

Let’s take a look at what will make your mouse problem go away. There is a wide variety of options, but we will describe the ones that work in most situations.

Things to Consider when Buying Rat Poison

You can’t simply apply a solution and wait for it to take effect. Use these guidelines and be one step closer to exterminating the annoying rodents without any undesirable consequences.

1. Keep your pets away

Having a dog or a cat in your house would not be recommended when you are using chemicals against rats. They are not immune to this poison and can easily get sick. Sometimes it may even lead to the animal dying if the dosage was big. The bad news is that dogs are attracted by the pellets. You need to make sure that your animal doesn’t come in contact with the poisonous substance. Try to search for dog-friendly rat poison if there is no other way out. If mice and rats are literally everywhere, then your pet may require additional safety measures.

2. Rats are smart

There is a reason why rat poison doesn’t deliver instant results. These creatures are smart, and they would be able to identify a threat. Seeing how one of their own dies instantly after eating pellets would certainly make them be more suspicious or even stop eating it altogether. Even if you purchased the best rat poison available on the market, there is no telling how the rodents will react. You have to be sure to respect all the instructions.

3. Use rat bait stations

These specialized boxes can be used as a safety measure. You can choose the size of the box (station) depending on the type of infestation. The size of rodent does matter in this case. Typically, rats consume for food than mice, hence you’ll need to refill the rat traps more often. It does protect your children and pets from getting exposed to rat poison. No other creatures will be able to penetrate a

4. Protection of wildlife in California

Certain types of poisons were banned in California as a means of wildlife protection. This doesn’t mean that there are no available poisons for purchase, but the use of the strongest poisons is strictly prohibited. This makes the demand for the best mice and rat killers very high. It has to be efficient and not bring any harm to any other animals.

5. Types of rats

Pest control chemicals have to be chosen based on the type of rat that has infected your house. They all have a pretty much unique diet.  Also, each one of them may potentially carry different types of pathogens. Identifying the best poison for rats is not an easy task, but gathering important information on your “enemy” may turn out to be very useful.

The following types of rats can be found in North America:

– Norway rat.
These rats basically don’t have any restrictions in their diet. This makes them very tenacious and adaptable to any conditions. They are usually of a dark gray color.

– Ship rat.
If you have plenty of animals in your household, then look out for these ones. These types of rodents are attracted to animal food. They are smaller compared to Norway rats, at about 6 inches long.

This rat is characterized by a long tail and big eyes. Its body is relatively small compared to the length of its tail. It has a light brown color and is typically feeding on seeds, insects, berries, and nuts.

Marsh Rice rat.
These rats are usually gray with a lighter underbelly. They eat marsh grasses, rice, green vegetation, and fish.

This is a documented fact that all these species have been carrying and transmitting various diseases. Simply buying the best-rated rat poison is not enough to put an end to this problem. Dealing with these little creatures requires patience and knowledge. 

How Does Rat Poison Work?

First of all, it is necessary to specify that different chemicals require a different amount of time to work. Some of them take 3 days to work while other types may take up to a week. There are more types of rat killers, the most popular ones being:

  1. Anticoagulants
  2. Metal phosphides

The first type has been used for a long time. The second generation of this chemical is considered by many to be the most effective rat poison. It leads to internal bleeding or swelling of the brain. There are also other types of poison that affect the central nervous system.

The second type is considered fast poison. Its action is visible already on the second day. A combination of food and metal phosphides reacts with the acid inside the digestive system of a rodent. This chemical reaction leads to creation of the phosphine gas. It is very toxic.

How to lay down poison correct

When you place a trap for a rat, you have to follow specific rules. Even if you have found the best rat poison to buy, there is no telling how it will work when the instructions are not followed closely. These steps will guarantee the safety of your family and the safety of your pets.

  • Step 1 – Place poison in areas accessible only to rodents, such as the attic, the basement, between the walls, and closed crawl spaces. Set the poison close to walls and in dark places.
  • Step 2 – Place additional bait in low-traffic areas, such as the basement or your garage. In areas where children or pets have access, you need to use bait stations.
  • Step 3 – Read the instructions to your rat poison carefully. It has to have all the information regarding the safety of your cat or dog.
  • Step 4 – Store the unused chemicals in sealed containers away from pets and children.
  • Step 5 – Wash your hands thoroughly after being in contact with the poison.

How long does it take for rats to die after eating poison?

Once you have set the trap, there is no need to wait for immediate results. It may take around 3 days after the bait was consumed. The tricky part here is that not all poisons have the same level of efficiency. It depends on several factors:

  1. If all the instructions have been respected and the bait has been placed accordingly;
  2. The promptness of refilling the trap and replacing the inefficient poison;
  3. Hiding all the food supply in a place that is inaccessible for rodents;
  4. Taking into account the size of the rat.

Other things you can do is talk to your neighbors and find out if they experience the same issue. Their experience may turn out to be useful and you may be able to discover a proper solution with their help.

Your goal is not to find the best rat poisons, but to identify the one that would perform the best in your situation. After gaining enough information on this subject and taking into account all factors, you will be able to combat this disaster.

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