How to get rid of rats

If you want to get rid of rats, but still have not found a working method, do not despair – you can drive out rodents! We will tell you how to get rid of rats in a private house and apartment, about rat poisons and poisons, about how effective electronic ultrasonic repellers are and why it is better to take upholstered furniture out of the room when using them. Is it possible to scare away rodents with only essential oils and is it worth trusting the people’s grandmother’s advice on breeding rats? You will find answers to all questions in this material.

There are many methods to combat these parasites that will not give them the opportunity to drive you crazy and destroy your home. But you must be prepared to wage a comprehensive struggle. We will tell you how to drive rats out of the house, how to scare away or kill such unwanted neighbors, and how to make sure that they no longer appear in your territory – in an apartment or private house.

How to get rid of rats in the house: 5 basic methods

Scientists distinguish the following effective methods of controlling rats: changing the environment, repelling, and killing. We list the 5 most popular ways to get rid of such unpleasant neighbors:

Use poison. Slowly but persistently poison rodents with poisonous baits and hope that they will die away far from your home.
Put rat traps or electronic traps. In the first case, you will need to manually throw out the corpses, and in the second – just shake the contents into the trash can.

Drive them out with electronic ultrasonic repellers. Such repellers can be placed both in the apartment and in a private house.
Use natural repellents around the perimeter of the house: sprays, granules and special sachets.
Try folk methods.

Rat poison: features of use in the house

Poisoned baits (rodenticides) are the most optimal way to massively and quickly destroy tailed creatures. They are divided into 2 categories: poisons of chronic action (contain anticoagulants) and acute action. The former (including bromadiolone, brodifacum) violate the ability of blood to coagulate, causing bleeding – as a result, rodents die from internal hemorrhages. The latter are no less toxic, but act differently: they lead to renal, hepatic or other insufficiency, and then to death.

Poisons can have a cumulative (cumulative effect) or kill immediately after the first dose – it all depends on the specific brand of poison and the active ingredient. Typically, poisons with anticoagulants in the composition need from several days to a couple of weeks to kill all pests. But no one knows where exactly each rat will die in the end – this can happen both in your house and on the street, if you’re lucky.

the best rat poison: photo In addition, poisonous baits cannot be left indoors near small children and pets, who can naively try and eat “candy” lying on the floor. It is better to place such products exactly where you saw rodents, and not to allow anyone there. Be sure to use gloves when taking rat poison – rodents can scare away the human smell.

What poisons are most common today? The so-called “second generation” poisons based on brodifacum and bromadiolone, which require only single feeding. Most popular products:

“KISH” – rodenticide in the form of a soft pasty mass in a bag per 100 g. The active ingredient is brodifacum. Using this bait, you can get rid of unnecessary rodents in the house in the shortest possible time – and this is only 145 rubles.

Help bait granules – bromadiolone granules. A pack of 200 g allows you to quickly sprinkle granules in any part of the house. Also suitable for getting rid of moles and mice. Universal budget choice for 29 rubles
Ratron granule bait for exterminating rats and mice – more expensive rodenticide from Germany for 409 rubles
(5 sachets of 40 g of poison). The active ingredient is brodifacum. Users note that the bait is so attractive to rodents that they themselves find it, gnaw at the packaging, eat and die.

Killing rats with traps

Despite the fact that electronic traps for rodents are becoming more and more popular nowadays, the most popular are traditional spring traps-mousetraps (rat traps) and adhesive traps for rodents and insects.

If you do not have too many rodents in your apartment, then start with simple traps – they are quite effective, although this is considered a rather cruel way of exterminating pests. Use a traditional mousetrap with a bait – if one rat runs, then you can solve the problem quickly enough. These devices are very budget – the standard option, like the FIT rat trap, can be bought for just 112 rubles

You can also set sticky glue traps that attract rats by smell and securely fix, preventing them from escaping. Such traps are usually quite affordable.

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