What is the difference between a mouse and a rat

What do rats and mice have in common?

These mammals are included in the order of rodents of the mouse family. There are other common features. Because of them, these two species are often confused.

Mice VS Rats: common features of life

Both those and others belong to cosmopolitan species. That is, these rodents inhabit all corners of the Earth except Antarctica and the Far North, they are not even high in the mountains.

These rodents are considered synanthropic, that is, related to humans. Wild subspecies live in people’s homes, utility rooms, or intended for keeping domestic animals. Although in warm lands they can live far from human habitation.

Rodents – animals with night and twilight lifestyle. They are most active at sunset. However, when kept in captivity, animals adapt to the rhythm of the life of the owner, get used to being awake in the light and reduce activity during the rest of the person.

These species of rodents are very mobile. They are great climbing, running, jumping and swimming. Possessing a high plasticity of the body, the animals can “leak” into very small cracks.

Mice prefer to live in nature in colonies, which support the hierarchy. Adult males can arrange fights among themselves. In families, aggression sometimes extends to grown offspring, which parents drive out of their territory.

Rodents – creatures neat. In their homes, they maintain cleanliness and order. Dung and urine bound piles of dust that they leave during the transfer are special marks for determining the route.

Both species of rodents not only live in nature, but also take root in captivity, they are easily tamed. To date, the breeders derived their domesticated subspecies of various colors, which many amateurs gladly contain as companion animals.

What is the difference between a mouse and a rat?

  • rat tails are longer than mice They are equal in size to 70-110% of the body. Mouse tails are shorter. They can reach no more than 60% of the body;
  • tails of large rodents are thicker than mice, more powerful (with the exception of tailless rats);
  • the rat faces are sharper and more oblong. Mouse heads are rounder and less sharp;
  • the body of small rodents is more round. The animals rarely straighten, preferring to sit, curled up in a lump. And their species relatives can relax, lying on the tummy, stretching their hind legs, like cats;
  • the mouse fur is soft, silky, whereas the rat hair resembles a rough pile;
  • otherwise, the organs of hearing of rodents are arranged. Mouse ears thinner, rounded. They look like petals rolled up by a bun. Rat ears are thicker, sharper, not wrapped.

Who is growing faster: a mouse or a little rat

The metabolism of mice is higher than rat, so their lifespan is shorter. The average life of small rodents with a home content of 1.5-2 years, while their large relatives live to 2-3 years.

Rats and mice grow the same. At the age of 1-1.5 months, young rodents are capable of reproducing their own offspring.

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